Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice occurs when a professional of the medical, pharmaceutical or hospital field has not acted in accordance with the standards and protocols established by his or her profession. This concept is very broad, covering practically any kind of mistake that a health professional can make.

One must differentiate curative medicine from aesthetic medicine (which is undertaken to achieve a specific result that is not the cure of an illness). In addition, if you have suffered injury or damages as a result of acts undertaken after undergoing a cosmetic procedure and your doctor has not acted in accordance with current legislation, you are entitled to claim.

In both cases, the doctor must have provided a document called “informed consent” in order that you be fully aware of your diagnosis, prognosis and approximate healing period, as well as instructions as to how long your post-operative treatment may last and the adverse consequences which may lead to surgical intervention. In the event of not having signed an informed consent and having suffered damages or injuries resulting from an intervention, we recommend that you apply for a first free consultation with our experts in damages, who will advise you professionally and responsibly, obtaining the maximum compensation possible.

To be able to report malpractice, the first thing you should show that you have a damage which has been caused by medical failure. This damage must also have been caused by medical negligence or doctor’s omission.

The most common types of negligence are:

  • Incorrect or inappropriate drug prescription
  • Surgical error
  • Lack of hygiene at the medical centre
  • Unhygienic materials
  • Misdiagnosis, resulting in the incorrect treatment

The claim for medical negligence can be performed during a limited period of time, so it is essential to prepare well in order to obtain maximum compensation possible. It is therefore highly desirable to have legal advice from an expert who will conduct a study of the feasibility of the case and explain the chances of success.

In we have experts in medical malpractice, who are responsible for carrying out all the necessary paperwork to try to get you the maximum compensation possible. Please contact us for further information. The first consultation is completely free.

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