No win No fee


“We are all entitled to legal representation, regardless of economic circumstances”

Our No Win No Fee rates have been designed to address the social issue of providing easy and affordable access to the legal system. Instead of being inaccessible to those who are not so well off, the legal system must be available to everybody.

How do these Rates Work?

Our No Win No Fee rates mean that our fees are based on our success, as we charge a percentage of the final compensation, when you win, and only if you win, with a small initial provision of funds, whose sole purpose is to cover a handful of unavoidable initial costs.

If you sign up for our “No Win, No Fee” rate and your claim has been unsatisfactory, it is possible that you will not have to pay legal fees. However, if your claim is successful, you would be charged a Commission, which would include a “Success Commission“.

A “Success Commission ” is a percentage added to the final cost. For example, if your case is satisfactory, an increase in the cost of up to 25% would be allowed as “Success Commission“. This increase in cost is not calculated as a percentage of the agreed sum.

Is this Rate Available for Any Case?

Lexland provides “No Win, No Fee” rates in all areas relating to Damages, including industrial illness, traffic accidents, work-related injuries, severance pay, falls in the street, defective products, medical malpractice and accidents and illnesses suffered abroad.

However, in the event of complex cases, on top of the “No Win No Fee” rate, an additional contribution may be required to meet the cost of initial research reports. This contribution is always evaluated and jointly agreed upon with the client before any document is signed.

This rate, as a general rule, is not available in cases not related to damages. However, we are always willing to go on a case by case basis.

¿Can Anyone Sign Up for our No Win, No Fee Rate?

We study each case separately before offering this system. Before arranging this rate with the client, we must inform him or her of all the requirements, and study the case in depth.

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